Samsung Smart TV Apps not Responding

Apps Not Working

Here, in this module, I’m going to describe What are the ways to fix Samsung Smart TV Apps are not working?? If anything happens to your TV in the middle of any movie watching, it’s very disappointing, isn’t it?? So it is important to know to fix SS TV is not working.

You can categorize that there are two major problems that can cause your TV is not working. One is App Stops responding and Freezes and other one is General Issues. We will explore one by one.

App Stops Responding and Freezes

It is common most problem in all the series of Samsung Smart TVs. You can fix this in the following ways…

1. Cold boot the TV

With the help of TV Remote, hold the POWER button until the TV Power off and Power on by itself, when you observe Samsung Logo on screen, you can release the button. In case, if the TV doesn’t reboot by itself, just Unplug the TV from the power source and connect it again.

2. Software Updates

If any software errors, this problem occurs. To resolve it, from the Menu Screen select Support —> Software Update. Check if any update is available, go ahead with the update.

General Issues Troubleshooting

  • Test the Network status of your TV, if the network fails, try to contact your ISP.
  • Confirm whether you logged into Samsung Account
  • Try to give a reset to Smart HUB, it will delete all stored information and downloaded apps and will force smart hub to be reactivated. It’ll solve many issues.
  • Check if any single app is not working while others are working, the problem must be with the application.

Wrap Up

I’ve mentioned the most common issue that every Samsung Smart TV customer faces. You just try above-mentioned techniques to resolve an issue. If you’re facing any other issues, do comment below. We’ll communicate with concerned peer and try to resolve it ASAP. Happy Reading 🙂

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