Download,Install, and Update Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Download, Install and Update

As you know, We already acquainted with the most popular apps that can be used on your Samsung Smart TV. Please Refer to this link. After knowing all about the apps, you can get a doubt that how to download, install and Update the apps on Samsung Smart TV. For that purpose only I’m writing this snippet for you. It is very simple and easy.

Here in this, I’m going to explain to you how to download and install the apps. Let’s get into details…

 Steps to Download and Install Apps on Smart TV

1. Turn on Your TV

Please turn on your TV and make sure that it is connected to the active internet to download the apps. To confirm the internet connectivity, go to Menu —> Network —> Network Settings —> Wireless settings to  Wi-Fi Network and Turn on Connections

2. Click on Home Button

Once your TV connected to the Internet, Click on the HOME BUTTON, and with the help of Remote Select and click on Apps.

3. App Category

After clicking on Samsung Apps, your TV will load the list of apps that are available. You can see the set of options in a category wise such as Most Popular, Videos, Games, Sports, and LifeStyle, etc.

4. Downloading the App

Choose your favourite application from the list of options and press select button. After that, it’ll go to the downloading page, where you can see App description. Select Download option and click on select.

If the app is not free, instead you’ll see the price of the app.

5. Install

Once you downloaded the app, just go to Downloading Page. In that find the app which you want to Install. On the bottom right corner, you can see the Install button, click on it to install the app.

6. Launch

Once you download the app, go to the smart hub. In that, you can able to see all the installed apps. Select which you’ve downloaded and double-click on it.

Boom!!! Your favourite app is streaming on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Update apps on Samsung Smart TV

There are two ways by which you can update the apps on Smart TV.

  1. Automatic Update Feature.
  2. Manual Updation.

1. Automatic Update Feature

Most of the Samsung Smart TV’s have automatic updates enabled by default. But, some of the customers are complaining that they are not able to find this auto-updation feature. Don’t worry, I’ll provide you with the details about how to change the settings to Auto Update Feature.

  • Turn on the TV and Press Home Button on Remote.
  • By using, directional keys, Go to Apps
  • After that select Options (It’ll look like three vertical dots on the Right most top corner.)
  • Next, select Auto Update and turn it ON.

2. Manual Updation

  • First, Turn On your Samsung Smart TV
  • After that Open Samsung Smart HUB
  • Go to Apps
  • Press and Hold the Apps Options, you’ll get one sub-menu
  • In that select Update Apps
  • If an Update is available for any app select it.
  • Next, press on “Update”, hold on for some time, it might take a few minutes.

Mop Up

This is how you need to install and Update the apps on Samsung Smart TV. As I had promised earlier, it is very simple. If you know any other methods, please let us know. We’ll make others know. Keep on Reading !!!

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