Gramblr Download – How to Post on Instagram from Mac & PC

Gramblr Download and post instagram from Mac and PC

One can always think of a change, Doing the routine things on daily basis is not a good sign and its boring. Everyone is in search of other methods and convenience. Shortly, I’m going to discuss installing Gramblr on a computer. Prior to knowing how to download and install Gramblr, I’ll let you know what is Grmablr ? and What is the need? and What does it?

What is the Gramblr?

Gramblr is a computer-based software used for uploading images and videos on Instagram from your computer. It’s a third party application and not developed from the publishers of Instagram. Gramblr is a free tool and you no need to pay a single penny for this.

As you know Instagram is a social media platform, and it’s Photos and Videos sharing application and that lets you upload your favorite photos and videos from the smartphone. Sometimes, you may have favorite photos and videos on a computer. Here the need arises, we need to have some alternative which will allow us to upload the contents of the computer.

What does it Do?

As I said earlier it allows you to upload favorite photos and videos from a computer. Gramblr is having an amazing interface by which you can easily interact.

Gramblr Download for Windows PC

To download and install Gramblr is pretty much easier. You can get the Gramblr in two ways

  1. Desktop Application
  2. Web Service(Gramblr Online)

1. Desktop Application

Steps to install Gramblr for Windows

  • In this method, you’re required to download the Gramblr Software. Click hereWindows_Icon
  • For Windows, File will be available in the form of ‘Zip’, Unzip the file.
  • After Unzip the file, you can see the picture as below.Gramblr Icon
  • Double-click on Unzipped file, one security pop-up will come, tap on ‘Run’.Security Warning Pop Up
  • Once you click on Run, it’ll take to another page that is User Control Account. Tap on ‘Yes’User Control Account
  • Give some time for the software installation.

Download Gramblr for Mac

  • Go to the official website and download Gramblr for Mac Version.Mac ICON
  • After clicking on the Blue icon, you’ll get a .dmg  file..dmg file
  • Double-click on the file which is being downloaded.Tap on Open
  • Select Gramblr and tap on it.Click on Gramblr
  • After taping on Gramblr, you can see the Sign-Up page

2. Web Service(Gramblr Online)

For enjoying Gramblr services in Online, Click here

Gramblr Sign Up

  • After the installation, open Gramblr by typing Gramblr in All Programs.
  • Please do signup with required details.Sign up
  • Now you’re good to go. You can upload pictures and videos on Instagram from your computer.
  • Sign Up requires Instagram Username and Password, be ready with credentials of Instagram.

How to Post on Instagram from Mac and PC Using Gramblr?

  • As you know about how to sign up Gramblr, it’s time to know about the usage.
  • Open Gramblr from your All Programs.
    Gramblr Homepage
    Step 1: In the home page, on Select Your Media tab you’ll find two icons in a rectangular box. One is for to upload Photo and another is for to upload Video.Photo or Video Upload
  • Click on any one of them and go to the folder, from where you want to upload the file.Folder location
  • After the selection of Photo, it will go to next tab that is Crop any Shape.
  • Step 2: If you’re interested, you can crop the photo. And after that tap on Save.Croping Photo
  • Step 3: Later on, it’ll go to Apply Some Filters, If you want you can apply some filters. After that tap on Continue.
    Apply Some Filters
    Final Step: Once you tap on Continue, the next step is the final one. You’ll be redirected to Write a Caption and Send Tab, Where you can give a brief description and can tag friends on your post.Upload a Photo
  • Upon, tapping on the Send button, you successfully post a picture on Instagram from a computer.

Since you know how to download and install, how to use Gramblr, next question comes to your mind is ‘Is Gramblr Safe’.

One must know about Safetyness of Gramblr, it is must and should. You can easily be attacked by hackers and viruses if you don’t about How safety Gramblr is.

Is Gramblr Safe?

By the consideration of usage and Instagram terms of Service, Answer for the Is Gramblr Safet is better to be beware. As all of us know it’s a third party application and we can’t be given any assurance for the safety-ness of Instagram.

Many Users and Articles complained that their Instagram account has been liked many pictures and videos from unknown users, though they didn’t follow them. We can say likes and follows are from the dummy or potentially compromised accounts. Sometimes it is shown that I like so many pictures even I didn’t like or saw it before. If it continues like this your account will be blocked one day.

Finally, What my recommendation is if you don’t have any problem to control your Instagram with a third-party application. Then no problem you can use Gramblr. I strongly suggest that One can use Gramblr on their own Risk.

Gramblr Is not Working

After knowing how to install and how to use Gramblr, one must think about the What Else if Gramblr is not working? Sometimes you may experience an issue with this Gramblr Application. I figured out following Errors while dealing with Gramblr.

  • Failed to Start Error
  • Sign in Error!

1. Failed to start Error

Whenever you’re trying to open Gramblr, you might get Failed to start error. An application may be preventing Gramblr from starting, such as an antivirus or firewall.


  • Go to Control Panel.
  • After that tap on Network and Internet.
  • In Network and Internet, click on Network and Sharing Center Settings.
  • And then go to Change adapter settings.
  • Select the network connection which is currently being used.
  • Click on Properties and select IP4 Version.
  • In Properties, Enable Use the following DNS server addresses.
  • Enter Preferred and Alternate DNS Servers as and respectively.
  • Again go back to Start Menu and click on Gramblr.

2. Sign in Error

This error will come while you’re sign-in to an application and it says that The Validation failed: The Process did not start correctly. Try Rebooting.


  • Try to uninstall your Gramblr application completely.
  • Use IObit Uninstaller to uninstall
  • Reboot the computer
  • After Reboot, Download and “Install Gramblr app again“.
  • Download Updater tool and open it.
  • Now open Gramblr app, it’ll work fine.

Mop up

Gramblr is very helpful to ‘Digital Nomads’. The person who is always working on a computer, it is the best choice to use. They can easily install Instagram on Computer and enjoy the features of Instagram. If you get any issue while installing Gramblr please do write in below comment box. It’s my sincere request that, need to be careful while using Gramblr. Thanks for Reading!!!



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