Top 30+Best Google Chrome Plugins or Extensions (Updated 2019)

Top 30 + Best Chrome Plugins or Extension

In recent times, many of us are not aware that Google brought us efficient and very useful things in Chrome in the form of Plugins. It would be great if our browser has great tools to improve the browsing experience.

There are many extension available on the web store but with a lot of efforts and surfing through the internet we filter out some amazing collection for you. These plugins will serve you the extra functionality to your browser.

Best Google Chrome Plugins for 2018 – Must have Browser

Here in this Chunk, we are bringing you the Top 30+ Best Google Chrome Plugins or Extensions. With these plugins, we can make the things easier and simpler. By analyzing different scenarios, we will make you aware of plugins related to Video downloader, Education, Environment, Technical, Entertainment.

Video Downloader Plugins for Chrome

Are you thinking about downloading the videos from Facebook and the Internet is not easier? It is easier than you think. Chrome plugins simplified the process to more than a single click.  Foremost we will let us know about Video Downloader Plugins. This Plugin enables us to download any video from any website. Whenever you want to download video on any website if you have these plugins you can directly download the videos. You can check out our list of useful plugins that help you to get your job done easily.

1. Video Downloader professional

According to Chrome Web store, this extension has more than 1 million users and around 27,000 users given on average rating of 4.5 stars.

It is the most popular video downloading extension in Chrome. Video Downloader professional plugin is the fastest and easiest way to download any video from any website.

When compared to other video downloaders, this plugin has Ultra lightweight code that allows multiple downloads at a time. After the completion of downloading, you can watch the videos via offline. Even you can share the videos on your tablets and smartphones.

Video Downloader professional


  • Any type of video format can be downloaded with the help of Video Downloader professional. Video Format includes, .flv, .mp4, .Mov and.Webm.
  • Simple, fast and Ultra lightweight code


2.Video DownloadHelper

This plugin is previously available for Firefox and now it is available in Chrome as well. It has around 1800k users.

This plugin downloads and saves videos playing on website to your hard disk. You can add videos to your personal favorites to play or download them later.

Video DownloadHelper controls maximum concurrent downloads and has a highly customizable interface. When you click the ICON on Video DownloadHelper, you will find options like Quick Download, Download, Download & Convert, Copy URL, Add to blacklist, Details, Delete, Pin. You can choose as on your requirement.

Video DownloadHelper


  • It supports for all type of videos such as HLS streamed videos, DASH Videos.
  • Video DownloadHelper works in any operating system like Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • It has the ability to block some domains in order to hide ads from detected videos
  • You will have the option of download and convert the video, it is a very rare feature. You can download and convert the file into below formats, MP3HQ, MPEG4, WMV, etc..,


3.Flash Video Downloader

As per stats from Chrome Web store, Flash Video Downloader has more than 2 million users, in that around 25,000 users given on an average rating of 4.5 stars.

You can download flash videos from many different websites on the internet using Flash Video Downloader. This program is written in such a way that it can download 99% of the content found on the internet easily.

To download a video, you can just click on the extension button next. There you will find many quality options before downloading the video.

Flash Video Downloader


  • You can download most popular media formats like flash, videos, audios.
  • Without any additional set up, you can download 99% of videos from websites
  • Before downloading a Video, you can find many quality options.


4.vGet Extension(Video Downloader, DLNA)

vGet extension is a special plugin compared to other plugins, you can directly play or download a video on your smart TV via DLNA.

It is designed to be limited use as it leads to piracy of the content.

When you are talking about the performance issue, it will not consume any memory until unless when you click vGet button. So it has no performance impact. But other extensions will consume network traffic regardless if used or not.

vGet Extension(Video Downloader, DLNA)


  • Designed to be minimal-invasive


5.Video Downloader Pro

Video Download Pro will help you to find and download music and video from any website. You can just click on Extension and can see all files for downloading.

It will quickly download the music and video and will be saved to your hard disk. Any available format can be downloaded with Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro


  • You no need to spend your time in search of music and video which you like, it will show all the available music and video.
  • Sometimes you will be irritated by Ads, spy, and Malware with Video Downloader Pro you can avoid ads, spy, and malware.
  • It is easy to uninstall.



Education Related Plugins

1. Google Dictionary(by Google)

It is a very useful extension for all the ages of people like book lovers, students, Entrepreneurs,etc., It has more than 2 million users and among them, 16k given on average rating of 4.5 stars.

You just have to install the Extension and after that, you need to double-click on word or phrase for which you want to know the meaning, you will find a pop-up with the definition. And also you can search meaning for a word from the toolbar.

If you want the history of words that you’ve searched over Google Dictionary, you can easily get it and review them.

Google Dictionary(by Google)


  • No need to go for any external application to search the meaning of any word or phrase.
  • You can store a history of words that you’ve looked up before.
  • You can translate the foreign words on your choice of language.


2. Cloudy Calculator

Cloudy Calculator uses a versatile calculator to solve the complicated calculations right in your browser. It is basically a Scrolling Calculator for Chrome.

All the calculations get it done by Google. It serves Equation Solving Mathematical Functions, Physical Constants, Hexa/Octal/Binary Conversions, mixed unit calculations, unit conversions, currency conversions and basic calculus.

Cloudy Calculator


  • If you want the most recent calculations that you’ve done, you can get them by Printer tape style history
  • Persistent user variables – User Variables can be created by using @



3. Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly is one of the most powerful plugins. It has more than 10 million users and among them, 31k given on average rating of 4.5 stars.

Grammarly helps you to check the spellings and grammar of your writings and messages that you left over on Social Media. It will make your posts very clear and flawless.

One of the unique features of Grammarly is, once you created an account, you will start getting the emails regarding your weaknesses and performances statistics. By the use of Online Editor in Grammarly, you can store all your documents.

Grammarly for Chrome

Features in Premium version of Grammarly

If you want, your writing should be flawless, you can go for the Premium version of Grammarly.

In Premium version you will get a hundred additional type of  Vocabulary enhancement suggestions and error findings for different writing styles, including academic, technical, and creative.


4. Khan Academy Extension

Khan Academy Extension will allow users to watch all educational related videos without opening another tab or window. You can get videos of every subject such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Science, etc.,

Khan Academy Extension

  • As it is a video-oriented extension, one can easily grab the knowledge.

5. Google Translate

Google Translate is the Multilingual translation machine by which you can see translations easily on any websites. Over 9 million users installed Google Translate on their systems and 39k users given the rating of 4.5 stars.

It supports over 100 languages at various levels and as of May 2017, serves over 500 million people daily.

If you’re trying to translate any word, you need to highlight or right-click on a section of text and translate it to your language.

If you want to translate an entire page that you are looking for, click the translation icon on the browser toolbar.

Google Translate


  • It will translate multiple forms of media and text, including text, speech, images, sites, or real-time video, from one language to another language
  • Google Translate is now available in Browser integration, Mobile apps, API, Google Assistance


Technical Related Plugins

1.Web Developer

Web Developer extension adds a toolbar in the browser with different web developer tools. It has more than one millions users.

Web Developer adds a toolbar with various web developer tools pertaining to images, information, forms, resizing, forms.

A Web programmer no need to use any external tool while writing programs related to web development.

Web Developer



Wappalyzer unleashes the various technologies which are used at the back end of the website.

It is an open-source and cross-platform utility that is able to detect over 1000 technologies. It detects content management systems, e-commerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools,etc.,




SEOquake provides you with organic research data at the click of any link.

It gives quick and easy access to analytical data on any website. It allows you to review all major metrics in a heartbeat and you can a thorough analysis of SERPs and export results in CSV format.



  • In the digital marketing industry, it is very important and highly recommended to make use of all tools, which can help to react quickly to any changes.
  • It is compatible with several browser extensions and is constantly updated.


Environmental Related Plugins

1. e-clock

e-clock is a new tab replacement which shows you the current time and weather.

For your convenience,  this plug-in will generate a new tab consists of apps, bookmarks, history and more. And also you will get plenty of customization options(background, colors, fonts, etc.)



  • Minimal design and a decent level of customization
  • It is simple and fast
  • It won’t slow down your Chrome.


2.Nice Day(weather)

Nice Day provides city weather information. You can custom weather forecast information on Google, Facebook, Youtube.

It will take your address and locate your cities and provides detailed weather reports of all cities worldwide. Weather report includes temperature, humidity, wind direction.

In addition, you shall get weather reports for the past 10 days and also you can detailed weather forecast for 18hrs.

Nice Day(weather)


  • Nice Day can give precise weather information
  • You can set preferred temperature unit like Degrees, Celcius or Fahrenheit


Entertainment/Games Related Plugins

In our day to day activities, every one of us needs some peace of mind and need to be relaxed for some time. Here is a solution for that, with the help of Chrome we are bringing you some Entertainment/Games Related Plugins.

1. Cave Run

Cave Run is an adventure game, in that need to hunt and get the treasure. It will make you run, jump and collect coins so that you will find a treasure at the end of the mysterious dark and cave.

When you collect the required coins for a level, you will be promoted to another level.


2. Puzzle Creator

Puzzle Creator Extension can be used to create Puzzle from any images. You just need to give right-click on the desired image and select “Puzzle Creator” option. After that new tab will open displaying the puzzle. Click the shuffle and continue playing

Puzzle Creator


Some Extra useful Extensions

1. Click&Clean

Click&Clean is safe, fast and easy to use Chrome Extension which can be used as a strong Private Data Cleaner. It has more than 2 million users and among them, 60k given on average rating of 5 stars.Click&Clean deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, downloading history.

Though we have Delete History option, Click&Clean is highly recommended for the faster response.



  • You can get predefined modes in Click&Clean in which you will have Low, Medium, High and Dev Mode for Experienced and developers
  • You can remove data and items from the beginning or from the specific time


2.Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager

Sometimes one can feel it is very difficult to manage and remember all the things and we may miss some of them. Here is a solution for that, by using Todoist you can keep track of everything in one place.

You can update your to-do items at any time, anywhere, on any device. It can manage all your tasks right from the browser.

Todoist To-Do list and Task Manager


  • It will help you to do more and stress less
  • No need to remember all in your brain and you can store them in Todoist


3.LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass: Free Password Manager is the convenient program that helps you to store your login information securely.

It has more than 7 million users and among them, 27k given 4.5 Star Rating.

Once you entered your information on any site, you will never have to remember it again, LastPass will do that. It can easily access usernames and passwords for all your accounts.


  • It can securely store your passwords, notes, addresses and more.
  • It will autologin to your sites and sync passwords. So that you can access your website from everywhere.
  • Improves your online security



Honey is Chrome extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single check.

Whatever the product you buy, Honey will try best to find the coupon. It automatically applies the best promo codes on over 20,000 sites and you can 20% cash back at 3700 online stores.



  • No need to waste the time on searching coupons
  • You can save the money on millions of products


5. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper is the most popular extension in the web store, and it allows you to capture full-page articles, images, selected text, important emails, and any website that motivates you.

It has more than 4 million and user and among them, 133k given a rating of 5 stars.

When you find something good such as research article, travel confirmation, offer letter, and any motivational quotes can be collected in Evernote, forever.

Evernote Web Clipper


  • You can add notification alerts to Web clips
  • You can highlight key text from any website or article and can use visual callout to draw attention.


6. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communication platform, which brings life to your day to day conversations. With this extension, you can use photos, emoji, and group video calls. Around 6 million users are using this extension in their daily activities.

You can keep in touch with your friends irrespective of their OS. It will work on all platforms like Android, iOS, and web. And Google Hangouts will sync chats across all your devices.


  • Google Hangouts will allow you to do Group Video Calling
  • You can view the history of your chats including media
  • By enabling notifications, you will get alert even you from tab to tab in chrome, or even you close the Chrome Window.


7. Speedtest by Ookla

If you’re looking for the best plugin which can check the speed and performance of your internet connection, then Ookla is the perfect one.

It is very simple to check the connection from the Google Chrome Toolbar

Every day, over 10 million tests are actively initiated by users. Speedtest can be downloaded in iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Google Chrome, and Apple TV.

Speedtest by Ookla


  • You can get your ping, download, and upload speeds within a seconds
  • It will measure how fast the websites are


8. SpeakIt!

SpeakIt extension is used to read selected text using Text-to-Speech Technology with auto language detection. It can read the text in more than 50 languages.



  • Whenever there is much content to read on the web, you can make use of SpeakIt!.
  • Reading a text is now optional for those who prefer faster, more accessible alternative


9. Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google Keep Chrome Extension lets you to easily save the things that you see on a webpage, images, and quote. It will sync the all the data that you have saved across all the platforms. Around 5 million users are using this extension.

Google Keep Chrome Extension


  • Google Keep Chrome Extension saves URLs, texts, and images
  • You take notes on saved content


10. AdGuard AdBlocker

AdGuard AdBlocker effectively blocks all types of ads on all web pages. It is the fastest and most lightweight ad-blocking extension.

The special feature of this AdGuard AdBlocker is that it will block ads on Facebook and Youtube as well.

AdGuard AdBlocker


  • It will block all ads
  • Speedup page loading and saves bandwidth
  • Protest Privacy and Blocks spyware


Wrap up

They were the best Google Chrome extensions that every chrome needs as per our team research. All these extensions provided above will improve your browser performance, security, education sources, entertainment, downloads speed, and help to customize the browsing experience.

Are you using any plugins from this list, already? Then please write a review in the comment section. If you find any useful plugin here then share it to your circle. Always welcome your suggestions.




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